A Visionary Talent Agency with an Eye for the Extraordinary

“It’s said that you must get an agent who truly believes in your craft and that’s exactly how I found Samantha! I’d just moved to Toronto and was very nervous to restart my acting career in a whole new country and I remember my first call with her. She really put in her time to evaluate my showreel and helped me refine my résumé. From what I know, I have landed way more audition opportunities than my peers. I am extremely grateful for Samantha’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering belief in my potential.”
~Akansha Sareen

“Samm has reminded me the definition of what a great agent is. I’ve only been with her for less than a year but I’ve gotten more auditions and more serious opportunities than the 2 previous years combined. Most importantly, she is a very ambitious and hungry agent who clearly assesses your strengths and wants you to succeed badly. Samm is a very  hands on agent who listens to your wants and needs and stays in contact on a very regular basis and with a lovely personal touch.”

~David Fournier

“Since joining The Casting Solution almost a decade ago, Samantha has landed me some terrific opportunities in Motion Pictures, Television, Commercials and Online. Her no nonsense attitude coupled with a drive to see her clients succeed is an entirely winning combination. If you are looking for a Talent Agent who will break you through the brick walls of the acting world, look no further, Samm is that Agent.”

~Jody Brumell