The Casting Solution is an exclusive, visionary Toronto principal talent and management agency that has an exceptional opportunity for talent to submit for consideration without referral.

“Sam is so supportive and an incredible cheerleader. She is so knowledgable. Whatever question I have about anything, she more then likely has the answer, if she doesn’t, she finds it for you right as soon as she can. I love that she posts about when her talent gets jobs, it helps keep you motivated. Thank you Sam.

“Sam gets me auditions! After that, it is up to me, but she gets me auditions. And that is what it is all about. She knows me well enough to know what my range is and isn’t afraid to push the envelope a little bit. That’s important because the more people who see you, the better your chances are, even if not for that job, then something for the future. She is prompt in passing on information………. and praise. I also like the fact that she is up front about her opinions. You will definitely know if she is unhappy with you or someone who hired you. This is really working well for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to advise anyone to sign with her.”
“I’ve been acting for 10 years now. The first years were with an agency that was too big to care about if I did well or not. I signed with Sam 1.5 years ago and I’m booking a TON of work. Mostly because she understands what kind of actor I am and what is/isn’t good for me. She is HANDS DOWN THE BEST AGENT OUT THERE! TCS is one hell of an agency, and I’m proud to be a part of it :)”